In-house User Testing Application



We noticed how time consuming and confusing current testing applications are and set out to create something useful and unique. We defined, conceptualized, ideated and built out a user testing application that is easy to use, organized, and fast.


At ZURB we love crafting our own solutions to help us in our design process - the Foundation framework, Notable, Enroll and now Helio are some of the in-house products we've built from the ground up! Helio is a user testing application created by ZURB to better help surface design insights quicker than the competition.



We used pen and paper to get all of our ideas out before moving to higher fidelity wireframes. Being able to present ideas quickly, doodle on top of, or even toss out these sketches allowed us to iterate more efficiently and effectively.



We moved our doodled ideas into a digital format once we had a general concept laid out in sketch form. The wireframes helped us see the flow of the application, notice minute details, and started testing with users to get their feedback.



After multiple iterations with wireframes, we moved into exploring the visual direction. Through moodboards, auditing competitors, and bringing in our own ZURBian flair, we applied our chosen style to the application and brand.

In addition to design Helio, we also coded and developed the entire application!

You can sign up and check out our creation below. Happy testing!