Laurel is a product designer who melds her background in theater arts, customer service, and design to create meaningful experiences for users and teams.

As a UX/UI designer, Laurel facilitates strategic conversations, user research, ideating, prototyping, occasional front-end code and teaching others to be mindful through design.

Five years into her career, she is the Principal Product Designer at Nyansa driving user-centered design practices; before that she was a designer at ZURB. She is actively involved in the design community, co-organizing the Day One Design group and the UXSouthBay meetup. Laurel excels in crafting efficient and effective experiences and uniting people to grow, empathize and build products together.

Laurel values honesty and vulnerability in all facets of her life and career. She is passionate about sharing these values when speaking on topics such as personal growth, UX/UI, leadership, and the realities of working in design. She most recently spoke at VioletHacks about the design process and at Citrix about pedigree bias.

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